FizzyPop is a Digital Video Marketing Agency and we think it’s fun to conduct a little taste every now again – comparing an old classic with a new flavour; that’s a little how we feel about Digital Video & YouTube advertising.

We have a wealth of experience in traditional broadcast TV advertising and early online video advertising (when it was called Pre-Roll Advertising) meaning that there really isn’t a better placed digital marketing agency than FizzyPop for digital video advertising.

YouTube itself offers the reach and frequency of TV with the added benefit of greater transparency, increased control and more data. Perfect for brand marketers and big budget TV advertisers who want to reach their audience on YouTube without being limited by a traditional media plan.

YouTube is Ideal for brands leveraging long form content that extends beyond 3 minutes or campaigns aimed at driving consumer awareness, consideration, favourability, brand building and driving sales all in one campaign.

WIth a huge amount of the customisation available in the way that video advertising can be bought and the added ability to control campaigns programatically – YouTube is effectively becoming the default medium for accountable video advertising.

When combined with other digital channels – there simply is no better alternative than YouTube or digital video advertising for driving awareness and consideration. As with all our campaigns – we create fizzing campaigns that excite audiences backed with transparent forecasting all supported with research and continuosuly optimised to deliver.

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YouTube and Video Advertising
reach and frequency video campaigns using YouTube

Transparent Reach & Frequency

The numbers behind YouTube alone are mind blowing – for example the amount of content uploaded per minute to YouTube (500 minutes).

What’s interesting to us is the following:-

  • 93.9% of Kiwi’s can be reached using YouTube. (Source Statista)
  • The average session time for YouTube is 13.2 Minutes (Source Statista)
  • Kiwis’ across all age groups and demographics can be reached using YouTube including the under 25’s and 25 – 34 year old who are increasingly difficult to reach using traditional broadcast methodologies.
  • There is a relatively even split between male and female users with males making up 53.9% of users and females making up 46.1% of users.
  • The most exciting part of using YouTube is that we can achieve massive reach and frequency as well as laser targeted video campaigns – something that the traditional TV stations can only dream of.

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Programatic Video

Programmatic video advertising is now a reality even for advertisers with relatively modest budgets.

We can now take specifically created video advertisements and combine this with highly focused audience targeting to generate reach, optimise to frequency and deliver conversions.

Those conversions can be measured both directly or as part of a larger campaign- programmatic video is that good.

Using programmatic video over traditional or linear advertising means that we can drive huge efficiencies with your budget, ensuring that we wastage is significantly reduced without compromising on reach (93.9% of kiwi’s can be reached using YouTube alone).

Programmatic advertising means that we have:-

  • Significantly less wasted coverage thanks to data-based targeting
  • Much more relevant advertising messages
  • Customers can be addressed across various channels and devices
  • Lower costs due to the bidding process and precise budget planning in line with the pursued goals
  • Much greater effectiveness when planning campaigns

For advertisers looking to maximise marketing econometrically – programmatic offers significant advantages over every alternative.

Compelling video creative for use on YouTube.

Human Creativity

Ensuring that compelling creative is used to produce online video is paramount. Existing TV commercials can be repurposed for YouTube – the best results often come from creative produced specifically for YouTube.

We can work with your existing creative and provide best-in-class media placements with exceptional targeting and data driven optimisation.

We can also work with you to develop digital creative to designed specifically to deliver against your objectives.

Using pure human creativity we can identify cross-platform opportunities; then we can create multiple touch-points with a cohesive message; your audience aren’t only using one social media platform and we shouldn’t restrict our messaging to a single platform either.

For compelling creative that will get your audience Fizzing, with data driven targeting and a human touch – we can delver the right message, to the right user, at the right time.

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Targeted Video Advertising

YouTube and Video advertising offers unparalleled targeting.

Some of the targeting options include:-

  • in context to the content
  • targeted demographically
  • geographically
  • Audience audience type
  • Day part
  • Device

We’re not just limited to these targeting types either. We can overlay different types of targeting to drive awareness amongst a laser focused audience type.

YouTube and Video advertising really is like traditional TV advertising on steroids. Where traditional TV means schedules and paying more to be ‘first in break’ – we can offer real time bidding and supercharged targeting that on an near individual basis.

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