FizzyPop is a specialist social media marketing agency and we love little more than creating social media advertising campaigns that make users fizz.The social networks combine exceptional levels of targeting combined with jaw-dropping reach; the penetration of social marketing mean that it’s become an essential marketing channel, it’s also becoming intensely competitive and increasingly pay-to-play.

The sheet volume of user data available means that your business can reach almost any customer with social media marketing. As a social media marketing agency we can slice, dice and segment your audience down to crazy levels of detail – meaning that we use incredibly specific targeting.

Social media marketing is dominated by a few platforms – but exploring emerging or more niche platforms can offer significant benefits depending upon your objectives.

Advertising on social media can work incredibly well by itself – when combined with other channels – Social Media marketing can provide phenomenal conversion metrics and outstanding return-on-investment.

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Choosing the right audience using social media

Algorithmic Targeting

The social networks have audience figures that defy belief – Facebook alone boasts over 2 Billion active monthly users.

The sheer volume of users combined with the amount of data on each user means that we can provide outstanding audience reach and unprecedented audience targeting.

The level of audience targeting available is incredibly advanced, and the benefit of this is that we can provide incredibly niche audience targeting. With FizzyPop Social Media campaigns we can converting awareness into action and deliver campaigns designed for every stage of the sales funnel.

Algorithmic targeting isn’t just confined to the Meta Properties of Facebook and Instagram; the emerging social networks offer significant advantages depending upon your objectives – Snapchat and TikTok have become increasingly advertiser friendly and while one of the more expensive social networks LinkedIn provides an audience mindset unparalleled by the other social networks.

Despite this level of data – the social networks generally have a cost per click lower than paid search – meaning that we can deliver some incredibly effective and exceptionally cost effective campaigns.

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Data Driven Optimisation

The quality and quantity of data that the Social Media networks hold on users is enough to get any marketer fizzing – as anyone who has spent more than a little time on TikTok will attest too.

This level of data isn’t just confined to TikTok either – Facebook and the other social networks offer amazing levels of data which can be used to optimise campaigns mid-flight or when we forecast your campaigns.

Some of the advanced targeting options include Audience Mirroring – the people who are most likely to buy from you in the future are those most similarly to the folks that bought from you in the past. We use audience mirroring to identify these audiences and reach them with targeting ads.

We can also offer retargeting similar to Display Advertising – when a user visits a specific page on your website – we can reach them with a specific advert relating to what they’ve viewed or put in their online shopping baskets.

With all our social media campaigns – we forecast your activity and provide in-market optimisation to ensure that we maximise the value from your campaigns.

Choosing the right social network to advertise to your audience.

Human Creativity

The social networks are a highly visual channel – whether that’s images for Facebook, or TikTok, SnapChat and Instagram Reels.

We can work with your existing creative and provide best-in-class media placements with exceptional targeting and data driven optimisation.

We can also work with you to develop digital creative to designed specifically to deliver against your objectives.

Using pure human creativity we can identify cross-platform opportunities; then we can create multiple touchpoints with a cohesive message; your audience aren’t only using one social media platform and we shouldn’t restrict our messaging to a single platform either.

For compelling creative that will get your audience Fizzing, with data driven targeting and a human touch – we can delver the right message, to the right user, at the right time.

How to choose the right social media network to reach your desired audience.

Platform Selection

FizzyPop is a specialist Digital Marketing Agency and we know that all social media networks aren’t built the same.

If an agency is still proposing that your repurpose your TV Commerical to run on YouTube, and on Facebook, and on Instagram Reels and on TikTok – then you’re ready for some for fresh thinking.

At FizzyPop we know that the content your audience expects on SnapChat is different to Facebook, and that brands might want to take a little extra care when running ads on TikTok to create the best campaigns possible.

If you have a limited budget we’ll gladly discuss your objectives and advise on which platform or combination of platforms best suits your objectives. How’s that for refreshing thinking?

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