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At FizzyPop We Succeed Together

Our team of specialists work together to play to our strengths of strategy, creativity, delivery and technical expertise. We’re not just a group of individuals, we’re a collective force bound by a shared vision.

Our Team

Tom Young - FizzyPop Director

Tom Young


The helm of our operations, Tom steers the FizzyPop shop with strategic acumen and the drive for excellence.

Kat Robinson FizzyPop's Key Account Manager

Kat Robinson

Key Account Manager

With a keen eye for detail and a tireless work ethic, Kat manages our marketing campaigns from inception to execution, expecting nothing less than excellence. She is the indispensable backbone of our team.

Iain Urquhart - FizzyPop's Media Director

Iain Urquhart

Media Director

With over 20 years of experience spanning a multitude of diverse sectors, Iain is a seasoned traditional and digital media professional. Iain’s proficiency ensures that we get the best value across all platforms and media strategies that set our clients up for success from the outset.

Kristen Curran - Art Director

Kristen Curran

Art Director

Kristen is a creative powerhouse – combining creative talent with a positive, can-do attitude. She’s skilled in creating storyboards, directing TV shoots, and designing for web & advertising.

Jerome Brown - Lead Developer

Jerome Brown

Lead Developer

An innovative web developer, Jerome loves developing websites that perform as well and look as good as he does.

Jeff Park - FizzyPop's Motion Graphics Designer

Jeff Park

Digital Motion Graphics Designer

Jeff is an accomplished motion graphics designer and is the final touch point for our banner animations, video production and breathing life into our concepts.

Mia Gonzales - Social Media Account Executive

Mia Gonzales

Social Media Account Executive

Mia is a Communications major, social media guru who is diving deep into the latest digital strategies every day. Mia uses cutting-edge social media techniques to connect, engage, and inspire!

Our Collaborators

Erik Hay FizzyPop's Creative Director

Erik Hay

Creative Director

A compelling storyteller, Erik works closely with our Media Director and Art Director to create concepts that resonate and amplify our clients’ presence.

Jack Pritchard Cultural Consultant

Jack Pritchard

Cultural Consultant

At FizzyPop we understand it’s incredibly important that all our work is produced in harmony with our environment and culture. Jack acts as our cultural consultant to provide guidance for all things cultural.

Ko Jack a ho (I’m Jack)
Ko Takitimu toku waka (Takitimu is my canoe)
Ko Ngati Kahungunu toku Iwi (Ngati Kahungunu is my tribe)
Ko Ngati Te Upokoiri a Hine Manu toku hapu (Ngati Te Upokoiri and Hine Manu are my sub-tribes)
Ko Omahu toku marae (Omahu is my marae)
Ko Ngaruroro toku Awa (Ngaruroro is my river)
Ko Puketapu toku maunga (Puketapu is my mountain)

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We’re proud to be a Google Partner Agency. It means that we provide our clients with best in class knowledge, savings on ad-spend, improved performance, and best-in-class access to Google resources and new developments.

We’re accredited in Google Search Advertising, Google Display Advertising, Google Video Advertising and Google Shopping Ads. We always select the combination of channels that will drive the maximum growth for our clients.