FizzyPop is a programmatic display advertising agency – we manage campaigns that place engaging animated banners in front of the right user, at the right time, on the right device.

The term banner ads is interchangeable with the term display ads – what we mean by display advertising or banner advertising are bold visual creative that appears at the top of many websites.

We employ a data driven approach to banner advertising ensuring that we drive awareness and consideration of your brand, product or service. We forecast all our display activity econometrically – meaning that we can measure the effectiveness of your activity and there are no surprises in terms of budget or conversions – either from an omni-channel or multi-channel campaign.

The key to display advertising is ensuring that we have engaging creative – we can help you produce this, or work with your existing creative. We like A/B testing too.

We develop your media plan specially for you, it’s developed in accordance with your objectives, always, whether that’s purchasing media at scale to drive maximum reach or niche targeting layering demographic, geographic, contextual and other forms of targeting – we always make sure that your media budget is working as hard for you as it can.

Banner advertising or display advertising isn’t for everyone – depending on your objectives a well executed banner campaign can really dial up your digital marketing efforts, or provide an exceptional tactical advantage.

We love running banner ad campaigns, mainly because we’re good at running banner ad campaigns, really really good.

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Banner Advertising
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Programmatic display advertising means taking engaging animated banner ads conceptualised from granular audience insights and highly specific audience targeting to generate broad reach, optimal frequency and deliver more conversions.

Our programmatic campaigns are influenced by multiple data-driven touch points. Each data point inputs into our programmatic modelling resulting in automated changes to how your creative is displayed. This affects everything from:-

  • which creative is shown,
  • when
  • in what regions
  • at what time
  • and which audiences see which creative.

By continually making and measuring the changes we continually improve or optimise your campaigns.

We utilise custom scripts which measure a massive amount of data including data relating to demographics, locations, the context in which the ads are placed, the users device type, time of day, the weather and even the battery level of the device being used.

Each data point is given a weighting with the higher the weighting providing more influence to how the campaign is shaped – effectively modelling audience types to reach users most likely to convert.

Our programmatic display campaigns are smart – every single campaign we run is optimised to it’s full potential.

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Reach & Frequency

Successful display campaigns – as measured by the real terms increase in awareness, consideration, preference or conversion metric – requires a robust understanding of advertising strategies, excellent forecasting and budget planning.

We forecast all our display campaigns to ensure that we’re delivering against our plans including forecasting the reach (the number of users that will see your ads) and ensuring that we work to an optimum frequency (the number of times that a user sees your ad).

Our modelling accounts for the optimum campaign strategy based on your objectives – reaching a specific audience with a high frequency to drive consideration amongst a precise user base, or reaching a high number of users with a lower frequency to grow awareness of your brand or product amongst a much larger audience.

There are many factors involved in generating a successful banner ad campaigns using the optimal reach and frequency; we’re well versed in building successful banner campaigns and we’ll work with you to plan and execute then best campaign based on your objectives, timescale, and budgets.

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As an alternative or to compliment Programmatic or Reach & Frequency based campaigns – we can offer specific targeting of your display campaigns.

Some of the parameters that we use for targeting include

  • Location,
  • Demographic,
  • Context,
  • Placement,
  • Audience Type,
  • Related Audiences.

We layer multiple targeting methodologies to make your budget work harder and drive awareness amongst specific audience types.

For example – on Christmas Day in 2020 – if you were aged 18 – 34, female, lived in Wellington or showed an interest in visiting Wellington, had a household income within the top 20% of New Zealanders and were interested in fashion, clothes, department stores, hand bags or shoes, almost every single banner advert you would have seen on the Internet would have been for our clients Boxing Day sale.

Using precise audience targeting we maximised the share of voice for our client owning ~ 95% of all the available inventory for identified audience segment.

If you want to some refreshing thinking for your digital marketing strategy – get in touch.

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In its simplest form re-targeting involves showing a banner advert to a user who has visited a page on your website.

Which is useful and the kind of retargeting offered by agencies that don’t specialise in digital marketing.

FizzyPop is a specialist digital marketing agency and for our clients we produce a retargeting strategy based on your objectives rather than what’s easiest for us.

We’re experienced at producing comprehensive retargeting strategies, whether it’s targeting specific creative based on the drop-off page, the product or service page the user visited or even retargeting people that opened your email newsletter.

There’s nothing worse than retargeting a product or offer to a user that’s successfully completed a purchase, or not accounting for the time since the user visited your site; or not A/B testing banner ad creative.

FizzyPop are not a ‘Set it and Forget It’ kind of agency – for smart retargeting campaigns that actually work – speak to a poppin’ digital marketing agency.

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Engaging Animated Banner Ads

Animated Banner ads are fantastic. Using granular audience insights we can generate compelling animated banners that encourage your users to interact and engage with your banner ad creative.

We produce the banners ads in a number of specific sizes based on your campaign objectives – restricting our production only to the sizes that make a difference to your objectives.

We then combine animated banner ads that are designed to resonate with your audience and hyper-target them to your audience based on your objective.

Our banner ads are generated in HTML5 or AMP – meaning that we can include super slick animations for banner ads that get seen, get clicked and get conversions.

Want a digital media agency to design banner ads that are Fizzing? Get in touch with FizzyPop.

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When it comes to reporting there isn’t always a one size fits all solution.

We’re a data driven agency, and so our digital marketing activity is always forecasted. We take the same approach to our reporting; with a data first approach. We also believe that we can make something better – always.

With a data led reporting approach and a belief in continual improvement – you can expect honest reports with actionable insight from FizzyPop.

We promise that we won’t pull any punches with our reporting or our insight.

All agencies will agree that banner ad creative is hugely important. Not all agencies will report against the effectiveness of their banner ad creative for for fear of upsetting their designers.

For a digital marketing agency that’s refreshingly open about banner advertising performance – speak to FizzyPop.

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