FizzyPop is a specialist SEO agency – it’s where we started and it’s often the channel that makes the most sense for our clients to exploit from the outset.

The Google Algorithm is nuanced, complicated and frequently updated. The algorithm relies on a number of signals to decide which website is the most relevant for a specific search term, and thus, which page ranks the highest.

We don’t claim to know the exact workings of the Google Algorithm – we are heavily experienced in technical SEO and on-site optimisation to ensure that there are no limiting factors preventing your site from ranking, and to ensure that your site signals to Google that it is the most relevant or pertinent site in relation to search term.

We back up our onsite SEO services with our amplification services – that includes content our reach and encouraging link building from external sources.

Our SEO services often work hand in hand with our Paid Search or PPC offering – ensuring that our gap analysis isn’t just conducted with your competitors, but between paid and natural listings – ensuring that we’re maximising your marketing dollars in every way possible.

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Technical SEO

Probably the single most important aspect of SEO is ensuring that your website is configured correctly and free from technical issues preventing it from reaching its full potential in the search engines.

Our technical competence and in-house development knowledge combined with our full understanding of how the Search Engines interpret your site means that we are best positioned to review, and correct your site where necessary to ensure that there isn’t anything technically limiting the site visibility or causing the search engines to prevent your site from ranking as high as it should.

When your site is following best practice, it not only provides you a platform for growth, it normally results in the site providing an excellent user experience for your audience.

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On-Site Content

On-site content optimisation is central to any SEO strategy. It’s impossible to target your most valuable search terms without it.

We provide a full on-page content optimisation service including; initial keyword research, reworking your existing page content (including copy and images) to be the most optimal, and we can provide new copy to support targeted keywords.

Once the the on-page content has been optimised; we monitor and report against the page performance.

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Once your on-site content has been optimised for your targeted keywords; we amplify your content so that it reaches your relevant audience – resulting in backlinks, increased traffic and greater ranking signals for Google.

Our strategies are always data led and customised to meet your business objectives. Whether we look to produce a 12-month content calendar, blogger outreach programme, or to syndicate content to national publications or publications catering for a specific niche.

We ensure that every page is correctly attributed back to your site and the pages on your site are able to rank as well as possible for the most relevant organic keywords.

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Link Building

With an increasing focus on technical SEO and on-page content optimisation – the number of inbound links is still a strong ranking factor for Google and the other search engines.

An unnatural link profile is also a strong indicator of a website trying to game the Google Algorithm; that’s why we look to audit the health of your existing backlink profile and disavow any harmful links.

Our link building ethos focuses on utilising only the safest white hat techniques to help build your link profile in a natural, Google friendly and sustainable way.

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Google My Business

Often overlooked in the realm of SEO – Google My Business is an important factor in optimising the customer experience to leverage zero clicks from Google.

At FizzyPop we can manage your Google My Business profile, ensuring that it is set up and optimised to perform as well as it can for you.

With an updated Google My Business profile we’ll incorporate the Google My Business property into our SEO amplification strategy as well as managing customer reviews as part of our existing customer marketing strategy.

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Local SEO

Whether you’re a service-based business operating in a specific geographic region or a physical establishment aiming to drive footfall – Local SEO is important to get right.

Local SEO has evolved considerably with the advent of map packs; intelligent search functions from mobile devices, personalisation and more.

We have extensive experience in ranking businesses for local SEO; ensuring that they appear in Google Search and Google Maps – highlighting the local relevance of your web pages, and website in general, to Google. FizzyPop ensures that your local audience can easily find your products or services that they’re looking for.

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