Customers are great! They might have seen a banner advert, then clicked on a natural link that’s been optimised with your SEO activity, they might have signed up for an email newsletter or seen a social post, and then they’ve overcome the friction of the conversion funnel to go ahead and make a purchase from your site.

That purchase could have been an impulse purchase, or following months of deliberation, they‘ve finally invested in that piece of equipment with a long consideration cycle.

These people are now customers, and with a good digital marketing strategy we can move them from being customers, into being brand advocates, your brand advocates.

A good existing customer marketing strategy offers a low cost way of communicating with our customers. We can use this to maintain a good dialogue – resulting in a fertile cross–sales environment, to drive advocacy, generate testimonials, reviews or endorsements.

At FizzyPop its not all about driving further paid media opportunities – we’re a digital agency who encourages ECM activity because its hugely cost effective. Because it’s a data rich channel – we naturally love it!

If you have an existing CRM solution in place – FizzyPop can help you maximise the value from it – we can segment, clean up your data and create a marketable database.

If you don’t have a CRM solution in place – FizzyPop can advise you on an off-the-shelf solution or develop bespoke solutions, and help you implement these into your online and offline properties. We can even help you with GDPR regulation if you operate within the European Union or CPRA if you operate within California.

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Existing Customer Marketing
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Existing Customer Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy shouldn’t start at awareness driving media and end with a conversion.

A best in class Digital Marketing Strategy should engage customer touch-points right from awareness through to advocacy.

At the heart of everything FizzyPop does is digital strategy. A core part of our strategy is converting your customers into advocates; providing fertile territory for cross-selling, reviews, testimonials and endorsements.

FizzyPop will ensure that we maximise the value from every single customer touch point and that everything adheres to your digital strategy.

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CRM Solutions & Integration

Whether you have a sophisticated ECM system in place and integrated into your digital properties or if you’re just starting out and use a spreadsheet to record customer orders – FizzyPop can help you build and model an Existing Customer Marketing strategy (ECM strategy).

For our technical solutions we work with SharpSpring, Hubspot, SalesForce and a number of custom solutions including those built in FileMaker to give our clients a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and a way to start marketing to your existing customers.

Based on your objectives, we can recommend an ECM solution, develop or customise your current solution and we can integrate your CRM system into your digital properties to provide you a comprehensive Existing Customer Marketing tool.

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Database building and segmentation

We love data at FizzyPop and that definitely includes populating, segmenting and managing databases.

We can work with you to develop a lead generation campaign to populate your own database.

With a database of users we can then develop a strategy to maintain an active and engaged database which can be segmented into a range of categories from prospective customers through to customer advocates.

We provide a number of services on your database from data cleansing, regression analysis, category segmentation for cross promotion and even finding prospects similar to your most profitable customers.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance isn’t fun, sexy, attractive or interesting.

We can put in place the measures necessary to make your website complaint with GDPR and CPRA regulation. We’ve ensured other clients are GDPR compliant and we can make sure you are too. Because we can always make some thing better – we’ve also used the opportunity to freshen up their databases too.

We can ensure that your database marketing is compliant. It is important, it’s just not just not as interesting as providing data led Digital Marketing campaigns that pop!

One interesting fact about data compliance is that CPRA is anagram of CRAP.

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Endorsements, Testimonials & Reviews

Endorsements from customers are great. They provide credibility and they look great in all manner of marketing materials.

At FizzyPop we understand the importance of endorsements, testimonials and reviews – and we can help you generate all three.

If your local SEO is suffering from a negative reviews – we can help you identify existing customers that provide positive reviews to counter the negative, making the whole process as frictionless as possible.

We can also work with you to identify customers that would be willing to provide and endorsement or a testimonial that can be used in your marketing collateral.

We have a proven testimonial management process that can facilitate getting the exact testimonial that you want.

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