FizzyPop is a specialist email marketing agency – we understand that email marketing is more than just writing the right words and sending it off.

Your email marketing campaign has to be effective, which means well-crafted creative, and a delivery system that ensures your message reaches the inbox.

We have a huge wealth of experience (and data) in producing email marketing campaigns that deliver.

Delivery is key to email marketing – we take care of the technical side to ensure that your emails have the best chances of being delivered past even the most stringent spam walls. We test every creative thoroughly so that they are device independent (they work on phones, tablets, and computers) and client independent (they work with many email clients from Gmail to Outlook).

The subject line is still the single most import element of email marketing.

We spend time creating compelling, persuasive and relevant content. Subject lines that will get your customers opening their emails.

We also work on targeting and segmentation – that’s everything from working out the best time to get your email to your audience as well who in your audience are worth targeting with your creative.

As a specialist email marketing agency – we advocate A/B testing in email marketing – we look to hold every variable the same during our campaigns and changing a single measurable variable, so we can measure success and all backed up with clear and actionable reporting.

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Email Marketing
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Email Deliverability

Email is a fantastic medium – its cost effective, persuasive and can be backed up with enormous amounts of data.

If you have permission to speak to your audience – then have the opportunity to convert prospects to customers, and customer to brand advocates, all with little or no media expenditure.

We can ensure that your message is delivered to the inbox of your audience.

We will optimise the technical side of your email strategy – we ensure that from a domain, server and content perspective your marketing message has the best chance of escaping the spam filters.

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Email Subject Lines

As a specialist email marketing agency – we know that the subject line is the single most important aspect of your email creative.

Often considered an afterthought – there really is no point in producing a stunning design or cleverly written email if the subject line doesn’t encourage your audience to open the email.

We write compelling email subject lines designed to maximise open rates and encourage user interaction.

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Responsive Design Emails

We design and develop emails that are designed to platform neutral. That is they work on a wide range of devices – from cell phones to desktop clients.

We’ve delivered tens of thousands of emails and we knows what is going to work in Microsoft Outlook and how long a subject line should be for an iPhone accessing gmail.

We produce lightweight HTML emails that are device independent – that is they are designed to work across a combination of devices running a huge range of email clients.

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Optimised Email Marketing Campaigns

At FizzyPop we love data. Email marketing is ripe with data for to inform our email sends.

Is your audience predominantly professional working in white collar industries – we know the best time to reach them (Thursday afternoons from 14:30 to 16:30).

If your audience is an agricultural audience – we know the huge impact seasonality has on open rates and how best to leverage that to encourage audience interaction.

Don’t just settle for a simple fire and forget agency – a little data and digital insight can work wonders for your open rates, engagement and conversion rates.

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A/B Testing

As a data rich channel which is accessible to both small and large business alike – A/B testing in email marketing is has an incredibly low barrier to entry and the opportunity to produce incredibly rich returns.

We always advocate A/B testing in email marketing, from the optimising the time of the send, audience segmentation and creative variation – there are so many variables that can produce real impacts on your campaign metrics.

If you want to make your channels work for you – if you want to learn from your activity – then get FizzyPop to produce some poppin’ email marketing campaigns for you.

How to choose the right social media network to reach your desired audience.

Analytics & Reporting

As with all our activity – all our email marketing campaigns include a forecast and a concise post campaign report.

As such as data rich channel – email marketing means hat were can drill down into the data to provide actionable learnings which can be incorporated into your next email marking campaign.

With detailed insight into the performance of your email marketing campaigns – we really can set you up for success with your subsequent campaigns – now that’s something worth drinking to.

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