We’re not a website hosting company – we‘re a specialist SEO agency.

One of the core ranking signals for Google is User Experience and a huge part of user experience is page load speed.

There are many website hosting companies based in New Zealand – but no one quite offered what we were looking for which is:

Servers located in New Zealand & Australia.

Both Google Cloud Servcies and Amazon AWS are both based offshore.

So we tailored our own hosting page which to compliment our SEO services which means that we can offer fast website hosting for New Zealand and Australia.

Our website hosting is designed for websites built in WordPress, WooCommerce or Joomla and we offer the standard update and migration functionality you would expect from a good website hosting provider.

We differ from other website hosting providers by offering incredibly fast landing times optimised for Google’s Core Web Vitals meaning reduced times for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layer Shift (CLS).

Our fast website hosting includes integration with our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) partner – complete with free setup.

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Fast Website Hosting
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Fast website hosting for SEO? We’ve got you covered.

Designed specifically to ensure fast website hosting for New Zealand and Australia – everything is tailored for domestic users.

We leverage data centres based in New Zealand and Australia all backed up with a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to minimise the time it takes across three core parameters:-

LCP – Largest Contentful Paint – the time to load the pages main content

FID – First Input Delay – The time it takes for the site to respond to user input.

CLS – Cumulative Layer Shift – How much a page layout shifts as various elements are loaded.

We optimise for these measurement parameters – which are also the core parameters that Google users to measure page load speed.

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We take a proactive approach to website security by

  • proactively blocking threats
  • automatically updating your site core to stay ahead of the latest security vulnerabilities
  • automatically update site plugins
  • include free SSL website certification
  • SFTP access

We also monitor your site integrity – which means that we take a pro-active step to ensure that your site hasn’t been compromised in anyway – causing it to host malware or other nefarious software or content.

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Your website gets it’s own resources. These are dedicated to your site – no sharing – this means that you’re not sharing resources (increased speed) and no one can affect your site (increased reliability).

Your site is hosted within a data centre that is staffed with on-site engineer, installation, operations and maintenance activities.

They are fully managed by skilled engineers and monitored around the clock by Network Operations Centre staff and security personnel.

All centres are specially designed, equipped and secured to the highest standards. All boast state of the art systems including:

Air conditioning with an average 22C temperature, fire protection, on-site security, raised anti-static flooring, electrically grounded infrastructure and overhead cabling.

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Hassle Free

Getting started with fast website hosting from FizzyPop is easy, we do the following for you:-

  • take care of the site transfer
  • manage all your WordPress updates
  • take care of the plugin updates
  • take care of theme updates
  • we take care of your site caching
  • we’ll even back-up your site – every single day

We manage the whole update process. In addition to this, we also run daily updates on your container to ensure every component of your server is up to date with the latest security and stability patches.

We can even set you up with email hosting too.

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