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FizzyPop brings years of experience in search engine optimisation. We’re not just a good local SEO agency in Napier, we’re damn good full stop. We offer world class SEO services and we’re based in Napier, New Zealand.

We weren’t always an SEO Agency in Napier

While we service all of New Zealand and we’ve always been an SEO agency based in Hawke’s Bay – we’ve actually had a number of different locations in Hawke’s Bay.

Initially we were based over in Hastings in Hawke’s Bay – being an SEO Agency based in Hastings has it’s distinct advantages; as a manufacturing and commercial hub on the East Coast we were able to liaise with our clients and prospective clients across a range of industry sectors, including industrial manufacturing, agricultural, professional services, and retail.

Why we moved our SEO Agency to Napier

With a growing customer based in Napier, we’ve moved our SEO agency to burgeon some of the growing businesses in and out of the region.

Napier benefits from having a recently reconditioned airport servicing all of Hawke’s Bay, meaning that it’s only a 10-minute drive from the airport to the FizzyPop SEO Agency in Napier.

We’re also very fortunate to have clients based at the airport itself and visiting our clients really helps us to understand their business.

Trade & Industry in Napier

Another advantage of us setting up as an SEO agency in Napier is to service the incredible client base that exists here. We have the Napier Port which is significant for clients operating in tourism, commerce and industry – being located in Napier means that we have first-hand experience of how the city absorbs large industrial container ships as well as some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

We also have Onekawa which is a large industrial base servicing all of New Zealand. In combination with Hastings – Hawke’s Bay is an industrial, commercial and tourism power house.

SEO Agency Napier

So – if you’re local and need a Napier SEO Agency, then we’re right in the middle of the CBD at the Australian Mutual Provident building at 1 Shakespeare Road. If you’re not local and want a damn good SEO Agency – then we’re in Napier and get in touch to see how we can help you bubble to the top.

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