FizzyPop is a specialist paid search agency – highly experienced in producing and executing PPC or Paid Click Advertising campaigns using data driven insights to provide a real return on investment.

Our data driven approach means that we produce search advertising campaigns that meet your objectives. As with all our paid advertising activity – we produce a plan and a forecast to predict your results – meaning that you have full visibility on how your campaigns are performing.

Our paid search activity works in tandem with any SEO activity so that we can squeeze the maximum value from your marketing budget and maximise your return on investment.

If you want Google search campaigns that reach your targeted audience, search creative that users click on, a real return on your advertising investment, and tangible results whether it’s sales, leads, enquiries or acquisitions – then you need FizzyPop.

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FizzyPop is an accredited Google Partner Agency. You can trust that your Google campaigns are setup efficiently, are optimised to provide the best return for your investment and will deliver the best possible results for your business.

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Google Ads

Executing efficient paid search campaigns using Google Ads requires a thorough understanding of ad-strategies, bid management, budget planning and activity forecasting.

We ensure that your Google Ads account is set up according to best practice; with multiple campaigns and ad-groups making even the most complicated Google Ads campaign manageable and primed for optimisation from the outset.

If we can’t measure your campaign success then we can’t manage the campaigns. We will set up and integrate your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts to ensure that we’re measuring the appropriate success metrics from your Google Ads activity.

We use the most appropriate bid strategies, based on your objectives, with all activity forecasted so that we can measure success and so that there are no hidden surprises.

We actively manage all our Google Search campaigns – ensuring that we’re appearing next to relevant search terms, the best performing creative is actively used and that our search activity is tracking as close to forecast as possible.

Keywords for paid search advertising


Ensuring that your search adverts appear next to the most relevant keywords is absolutely pivotal to success in search advertising.

We can help you decide upon the most appropriate keywords for you objectives and produce creative search ads that pique users interest.

We tailor our campaigns from a keyword level so that we maximise our search activity across all elements of the sales funnel, from awareness to consideration, preference to conversion – we design our campaigns so that you’re there where it’s relevant to your prospective customers.

We use contestant keyword optimisation to improve your ROI and use constant competitor insight to ensure that we’re dominate the most effective positions in the search engine results pages.

Our Paid Search activity doesn’t just work in isolation – we layer your SEO activity against your Paid Search activity to make sure that we’re driving towards the most efficient use of your budget – whether that’s short time bidding while we optimise for the long term, or using tactical bidding strategies during your seasonal peaks.

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Search Creative

For us Search Creative isn’t an afterthought – it is an absolute priority that every word in our search ads is working as hard as it can for you.

We craft paid search ads that are salient, succinct and contextually aware so that we’re either pre-qualifying, driving intrigue or maximising conversion – depending on your objective.

For us continual optimisation is our go to – we generate variations of search creative and continually optimise to the best performing search creative, we’re trying to beat the incumbent best performing search adverts.

We’re not a set and forget agency – we definitely do not believe in squandering an opportunity or a one size fits all approach – even it if it means more work for us.

If someone is searching for a product or service, it means they want more information, they want to justify a purchase, or they want to go ahead and buy something – let’s help them with creative that stands our, creative that serves the purpose of the search term, that’s what separates a specialist digital marketing agency like FizzyPop – we put in the extra effort to produce search creative that the user wants to click.

an icon depicting google search adverts being geotargeted to a specific region


Geotargeting is one of the most powerful and misunderstood competents of building an effective Google Search campaign.

By geotargeting search advertising we can focus on specific regions where your products and services are relevant, into regions where your audience are considering visiting or around physical locations.

We also layer other search strategies with your geotargeting such as:

  • Device targeting
  • Day-part targeting
  • Bid management objectives
  • Even cross-correlating external data sources; such as the weather forecast

Using these techniques, or even cross-correlating different sources, allows us to drive maximum efficiently from your search budget depending on your objectives. Whether you want to maximise search impression share during a trade show or dominate food delivery on a Saturday night – FizzyPop can help you efficiently own paid search advertising.

an icon depicting how traditional media can be measured econometrically

Traditional Media Accountability

If you’re running traditional media as well as paid search activity – we can ensure that your search activity is working in harmony with your traditional media.

We can work with your TV and Radio schedules; accommodating day-parts, regions and any creative consideration. Additionally we model all your search responses inline with your traditional, or above the line, activity to ensure that you have full accountability on your media spend.

Using econometric modelling we can forecast specific search campaigns as a conversion methodology and infer the success of your traditional media, whether it’s TV, radio, out-of-home, print or press. We can even measure the effectiveness of your traditional media creative and if it’s resonating with your audience.

We are a digital marketing mgency, just a digital marketing agency with significant experience in traditional media and data modelling – we’re not best suited to place your print ads, but we’re definitely better at forecasting your search activity inline with your traditional media than your incumbent agency.

an icon depicting how google search ad weightings can be adjusted to maximise return on investment.


In addition to location, day-part, or time based weightings inline with a traditional media schedule, we employ enhanced or bespoke Google Ads solutions to really squeeze the maximum value from your Google Search activity.

By layering multiple weightings on our search campaigns such as geo-targeting specific device types at specific times and employing custom scripts – we can squeeze the maximum value from your search budget.

We love creating custom scripts for clients – super smart search campaigns are the kind of thing that really separate a good search campaign from a great search campaign, and that’s what really get us fizzing!

If you want a really fizzing paid search campaign from a digital marketing agency that actually knows what they’re doing – you’ve found the right agency in FizzyPop.

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Accredited by the best
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We’re proud to be a Google Partner Agency. It means that we provide our clients with best in class knowledge, savings on ad-spend, improved performance, and best-in-class access to Google resources and new developments.

We’re accredited in Google Search Advertising, Google Display Advertising, Google Video Advertising and Google Shopping Ads. We always select the combination of channels that will drive the maximum growth for our clients.