Google Analytics Update
Are you ready to lose all of your business’
historical data on Google Analytics?


We have the solution to this impending doom.

The Big Bad Wolf

In March 2022, Google announced that Universal Analytics (UA) was being mothballed in favour of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), previously App + Web Property when in beta, as of July 2023.

Do you remember how your last campaign went? You won’t, unless you download GA4 now. You won’t be able to base any decision off of that key data.

To pry open the vital points of this situation, Google Analytics is entwined into everything you do for your business. The data showing the performance of your website, apps and even the blog you might be growing will all be zilch. Gone.

If you have not migrated to GA4 well before July 2023, you’ll find that you WON’T HAVE ANY HISTORIC DATA.

Why is it changing?

So, the question is; Why is GA4 considered an “upgrade”? As is implied by GA4’s beta name “App + Web Property” GA4 allows you to track both web and app-based users from within a single property. The current UA keeps these sources separate, which limits ability to analyse user behaviour as a whole.

What does this mean for your business?

When in doubt, keep up. It’s always best to keep ahead of the curve. This impending change will arrive and you have no choice but to absorb it. You may as well make the change now and take advantage of the benefits GA4 brings.

Of course, if you choose not to upgrade, you’re not going to benefit from the app-based analytics. Furthermore, you will LOSE ALL YOUR HISTORIC DATA.

The Comparison

When diving into the comparison of GA4 to UA, it’s easy to notice that the interpretation of data in reports is dishevelled, by the metrics used to generate data contrasting between GA4 and UA. For a clear example, the ‘total users’ data shown in reporting across Google Analytics is sourced by the Total Users in UA, whereas, in GA4 the “total users” data is sourced by using Active Users. The unintuitive aspect of GA4 and the added inability to find the reporting system we are all familiar with is an absolute pain in the heart of business.

This part doesn’t scare us as, moving forward, these upgrades will become beneficial for businesses. The terrifying aspect is losing all historic data from Universal Analytics in less than a year.

The Solution

This condensing issue doesn’t have a magical fix. Although, if you are ahead of your game, and don’t want to be pinned back by the loss of all existing UA data, then jump on the bandwagon and install GA4 at the same time as UA. Right now.

  • Run both GA4 alongside UA4 for the next 12 months
  • This way you can continue to function and you will have historic data in 2023
  • Implement GA4 using Tag Manager, record and track your events and familiarise yourself with GA4

If you’re not sure where to begin – call FizzyPop and we’d be delighted to install Google Analytics 4 as well as your other data recording systems such as the Facebook pixel and UX tracking system.

Have the best of both worlds and save the greatest amount of historic data for when the doomsday comes and you’ll have to delete UA.

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