How to give an advertising agency access to your
Meta business account


When working with an advertising agency like FizzyPop – we’ll often manage your social media marketing on your behalf, that can include your paid social media advertising and organic social media marketing (often called your owned or earned social media).

What social media assets might my advertising agency request access to?

The first step is giving someone access to your social media management tools – for Facebook or Instagram (AKA Meta) that normally comes in the shape of the Meta Business Suite.

The Meta Business Suite is where we manage your individual Meta properties – for us, as an advertising agency, these are most likely to include the following:-

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram pccount
  • Datasets (this was formerly known as the Facebook Pixel)
  • Ads accounts
  • Shared audiences
  • Catalogues

Often a social media marketing agency’s management offering will include community management or posting creative (comprised of approved assets within the agreed scope of supply), as such they may ask for access to the following additional properties:-

  • WhatsApp accounts
  • Business creative folders

The Meta Business Suite – Where your advertising agency can manage all your assets!

An advertising agency employs a number of marketing specialists to manage your social media marketing on your behalf. Different teams within the agency will need access to different parts of your account.

FizzyPop is an Hawke’s Bay Advertising Agency and we divide our specialists into:-

Creative Teams

Our creative team includes our Art Directors and Graphic Designers – they typically have access to just your Business Creative Folders.

Media Team

Comprising our Media Director and Planner / Buyers – they typically have access to the Ad Account for managing campaigns, the Datasets (Facebook Pixel) for setting up conversions, Audiences for segmenting marketing activity, and Catalogues.

Website Developer

Our Developer will have access to Datasets (Facebook Pixel) for website integration so that we can measure conversion actions such as; purchases, add-to-baskets, or lead generation.

Account Management & Social Media Manager

The Account Managers and Social Media Managers have access to Facebook & Instagram to schedule posts, pull reach and engagement data, and manage your owned and earned social media activity, such as; promotions, competitions, and activations.

It really does takes a team to get the most from your social media marketing!

Giving your advertising agency access to your Meta Business Suite

First of all head over to Meta Business Suite

1 – The link should open up with your Meta Business Account visible in the top left hand corner.

2 – From here click the section titled Partners.

3 – A section should appear saying Partner to share assets with with a box titled Add underneath – click on Add as per the following screenshot.

How to give an agency access to your Meta Business Suite - Step 1

4 – A window will appear asking you to enter your Partner Business’ ID – you’ll need to ask your advertising agency for their Partner Business ID (Email hello@fizzypop.nz or call 062 11 22 33 and the social media marketing team at FizzyPop can advise you of our Partner Business ID).

Getting your advertising agencies Meta Business Partner ID

5 – Once you’ve entered your advertising agency or social media marketing agency’s Business Partner ID you’ll be able to select the assets that you’d like to share, and the level of access that you’d like to grant your partner.

How to give an agency access to your facebook and instagram accounts

We normally request administrator access to your accounts – it enables us to integrate with our external tools for social media monitoring, measurement, and scheduling – as well as the setup and management of your ad accounts.

That’s how easy it can be to give your advertising agency or social media marketing agency access to your social media accounts!

What if I don’t have a Meta Business Account or I don’t have access to the Meta Business Account?

That’s no problem – we’re a Meta Verified Agency, and we’ve helped many clients regain access to their accounts, transfer ownership, remove impersonation accounts, and become Meta Verified themselves – just get in touch and we’d love to help!

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